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by Julia Pierrepont III

LOS ANGELES Derrick Henry Hat , Aug. 20, (Xinhua) -- "The life of our city is richin poetic and marvelous subjects. We are enveloped and steeped asthough in an atmosphere of the marvelous; but we do not notice it."when talking about "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets",Luc Besson' s latest produce which was scheduled to open in ChinaAug. 25, the French film master mentioned Baudelaire's famousquote.

Reacting to the usual barrage of widely diverse comments fromaudiences and critics after the movie showed during summer time inthe United States, that ranged from ecstatic praise toincomprehension and dislike, Luc Besson sat down with Xinhua,explained his personal motivation to make the movie and disclosedthe marvelous there that do not be noticed.

"It's a personal story, since childhood when I fell in love withthe comics of Jean-Claude Mesieres. Cops in space was fresh andnew. I waited impatiently for each new installment and imaginedwhat was going to happen next. The Valerian character was cool anda little goofy and Laureline was my first love," he joked in anexclusive interview with Xinhua on Saturday.

But more seriously, he added, "Valerian's world is a magicalplace. It reminds me now of New York City, but with aliens, whereeveryone of all kinds can live together in harmony. This we need,not more hate. By this day and age, it should be possible. This isits message."

Besson always imbues his films with poignant social commentarythat elevate them into auteur pieces with social relevance, takinga stand against oppression, political corruption and abuse.

Valerian is no different. Besson told Xinhua, "There is 'right'and there is 'wrong'. Children from 6 to 15 understand this.Adults, not so much... So, as a director, one's message must beeither positive or cynical. I am not a cynic."

So, in Valerian, he has us rooting for the "Mülians," a lovely,primitive, but spiritually-advanced species that bear a kinshipresemblance to James Cameron's Na'vi of Pandora who provide themoral compass for the film.

The Mulians live utopian lives in blissful harmony with theirworld until it is ruthlessly destroyed by Clive Owens' character ina ruthless, military-backed land-grab deal. This giant galacticcover-up eventually forces heroes, Valerian and Laureline, into acrisis of conscience that leads them to defy orders and help thefew surviving Mülians escape to tell their tale.

The stunning, mood-evoking visuals of the film are also a proofof Besson's attitude to the world, as he has showed in past decadesfrom "BIg Blue", "Nikita" to "Lucy", his Asian-centric crime flickexploring the collision of enhanced evolution and adaptiveconsciousness.

Besson is undoubtedly one of the most experimental and visionaryartists working in cinema today. A master of what the French callthe Cinéma du Look, his work, even at its campiest or moststylized, is never without originality or intellectual subtext.He's an idea man, and, win or lose, has the guts to try to capturehis ideas on the big screen.

Valerian is a designer's dream - a visual masterpiece, Bessontold Xinhua, he brought it to life with two of his gifted, longtimecollaborators, production designer, Hugues Tissandier andcinematographer, Thierry Arbogast.

The film features some of the coolest and mostintelligently-conceived GCI-VFX and aliens in the galaxy. And thislatest foray into futuristic fiction is hardly mindless designereye candy. Moreover, the many exotic worlds and cultures on displayin the film required tremendous thought, sociopolitical analysisand creativity to create in a logically coherent fashion.

"To impact the audience, it must be real," Besson told Xinhua,"So I wrote a 800-page bible on every alien, every society, everyplanet in the film and I gave this to the actors so they know howto act when they meet each species."

Few directors go to such lengths to bring a world to life, butit's way of Besson, a man on a mission who would like to compelledto infuse heart and humour into Hollywood-esque turbo-actionmovies.

"Hollywood movies are always good," he says, "But sometimes theheart and the art is secondary to the same old formula. First mustalways be the 'Art'."

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